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There are just some teams that when they come out on the field just look better, faster, or tougher than the other team. One reason is because the recruiting policies at this particular school are pretty lax, but another reason is because of the uniforms. I am not like most college football fans. I like the new style uniforms, not just the classics, but i also appreciate the classics. I have what are the best full uniforms and some parts of uniforms that just stand out by themselves. (ed. note: these are all behind the Black and Gold of the University of Iowa, but I see it as unfair to try and match anything up to that perfection.)

5. San Diego State

Simple, yet modern, with great colors. Didn’t try to over do it and it shows.

4. Temple

They haven’t had much of a football program, but they sure do look good. Good colors, clean and simple, yet classic. The stripe on the pants and the logo on the helmet is what sells this one.

3. Oregon

Most people hate these, I love them for just for innovation. They don’t over do it like some teams or any team in the NFL. They would be number one but I have two reservations about them. For one, the number font looks like 50’s science fiction movie titles and for two, they are Nike’s testing grounds, they should have the best.

2. Army

I always love black and gold, and Army does it right. Simple with the modern yet classic stripes on the sleeve.

1. Michigan Wolverines

I really don’t like them as a team, but they have the most iconic uniforms in sports. The wings, and the solid colors are nice enough that they haven’t changed anything since nineteen dickety three.

I also have to include odds and ends, just because I like certain parts of other jerseys

Indiana’s helmet because the great color and nice wide stripes that are perfectly spaced.

Iowa State’s yellow jersey because it’s unique and its about the most tasteful you will see a yellow jersey

West Virginia’s pro combat uniforms are cool because they pay homage to the state’s history and culture


It’s a strange topic to start my blog on but for me it’s something important. If you don’t look good, you don’t feel good. A good uniform can be marketing tool, an inspiration, or just intimidation. If these teams were people, they would be wearing white high tops from Wal-Mart, white tube socks, jean shorts, a Nascar t-shirt and complete with a mustache. They lack classiness, intimidation, even a central theme. I’ll start my countdown with the 5 worst.

5. Georgia

Georgia’s uniforms (especially the black ones) seem to lack an overall theme, The helmet has a white stripe, the jersey is okay but ties in very little with the rest of the uniform, and the pants are gray. Why are they gray? The colors scheme up to that point seems to be black, red, white. The gray just dulls the whole uniform and matches nothing else.

4. Toledo

Navy blue and yellow are colors that are best done subtly, but Toledo didn’t think so, there uniforms are over designed. No flow, nothing classic, nothing unique = boring.

3. Florida A & M

Florida A & M have the worst color scheme ever. The guy who started their school had to also make candy pumpkins. What makes the uniforms worse is that they try to use both colors equally and in no aesthetically pleasing way.

2. Cal

You look like a pussy cat scratched you, or like you’re about to say meow playfully. Again with the not so subtle use of navy and yellow.


Again, similar Florida A&M, these guys were founded next door to a banana cream pie factory. To compound things they have a white helmet, brown shirt, and yellow pants. Match something or you look like a 4 year old me when my dad dressed me.